Teeth Whitening IN MEDFORD, OR

Believe it or not a bright and beautiful smile may be much easier than you think to achieve. Dr. Fagundes has already helped thousands of patients to easily and affordably achieve the sparkling smile that they have always dreamed. Our safe, quick and inexpensive teeth whitening procedure offers patients the opportunity to restore luster and shine to their smile.

All you have to do is at any regular routine dental visit let Dr. Fagundes know that you are interested in whitening your teeth. You can choose to whiten only the top, only the bottom or both, depending on what shows when you speak and smile. After informing Dr. Fagundes of your desire to improve the appearance of your teeth, within a short day or two you will be able to pick up your custom bleach splints.

Our state-of-the-art bleaching system allows you to achieve a brighter and whiter smile simply by wearing your custom-made bleach splints for just thirty minutes a day! Our special bleaching solution goes to work removing stains and correcting discoloration on your teeth without damaging the natural tooth structure or altering existing dental work. Once your teeth have reached the desired whiteness only occasional touch ups will be needed to maintain the beauty of your new smile.

What is Dental Bleaching Used For?

Dental bleaching is used to correct discoloration of the teeth or to remove staining on the tooth’s enamel. Tooth discoloration can come from a variety of causes such as tobacco use, aging, chemical damage and diet.

We offer the latest in tooth bleaching technology that allows a safe, effective and affordable means by which to renew the “brilliance” of your smile.

Because tooth bleaching is so affordable and typically effective, it is almost always recommended as the first defense against tooth discoloration and/or stains. However, some cases are simply too severe to correct with such a solution and therefore will require veneers or crowns to restore the tooth’s luster; but because whitening is so affordable it is almost always worth a try!

How It Works

The process to whiten teeth is actually far more straightforward than what is typically expected.

At your initial visit where you express your interest to Dr. Fagundes in whitening your teeth, an impression will be taken of your teeth and bite. This impression will then be used to custom create a specialized “tray” or stent that will be used to hold the bleach solution firmly against the teeth. Once the fabrication of your custom tray is complete you will then begin applying the material for as little as half an hour an evening, for up to two weeks. At the end of the two week treatment you should notice significant whitening. Thanks to advancements in teeth whitening options we can now guarantee results that are nothing short of brilliant.

Things to Consider

Though it can be tempting to instead purchase over-the-counter whitening agents, it is not recommended because these solutions have been known to cause damage to the gums, enamel and tooth structure. For this reason, we always recommend that you go the safe route in protecting and restoring your smile by using our take-home teeth whitening kits.

There are many benefits of teeth whitening. From improved appearance to improved self-esteem, teeth whitening can help to remove unsightly discoloration and stains of the teeth, thus boosting your self-confidence. Given the affordability, effectiveness and safeness of our take-home teeth whitening solutions, it is therefore possible for just about anyone to get the smile they have always longed for. Regardless of age or past dental work, we can help you brighten your smile along with your day!