Immediate Dentures IN MEDFORD, OR


When it comes to your oral health we at Siskiyou Smiles are always considering your best interests. If you or someone you love is fully edentulous (without teeth) or facing a life without teeth, we have just the solution – immediate dentures! With this wonderful product and our quick, hassle-free procedure you don’t have to worry about facing the embarrassment of being without teeth.

Losing Your Teeth will Affect You Negatively

Losing just one tooth can be a rough experience. All of a sudden the rest of the teeth in your mouth start to move about and feel loose. Your bite can change, your existing teeth are more susceptible to damage and loss. Your favorite foods become more difficult to eat. Some foods become impossible to eat.

As you continue to lose teeth it will become more difficult to pronounce words properly, or without sounding as though you are missing teeth. The stigma attached to losing teeth is real, and many people who are missing teeth report feeling embarrassed to smile. Eventually it becomes difficult or impossible to hide the fact that you are missing teeth as the signs of tooth loss become evident in the way your face appears “sunken”.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures offers you the opportunity to replace all of your missing teeth, fast. We will usually begin the procedure by taking an impression of your mouth. Using this impression, we can craft your dentures to fit your mouth perfectly. We will send the impression to our dental lab to be fabricated by experience technicians. Once we take the impression and prepare your mouth the first appointment will be concluded.

During the second appointment we will extract any remaining teeth and ensure that the dentures fit properly. Sometimes, to ensure that the structure of the dentures remains solid we must make aesthetic compromises. After the second appointment is through you will walk out of our office with a new pair of dentures!

Post-Extraction Care

When a tooth is removed it is very important to follow any and all post-operative care instructions that you are given.

In order for your extraction sites to heal properly, a blood clot must form in the site. Once a blood clot forms (usually within an hour of extraction) the bleeding will cease and the healing process will begin. We will send you home with a gauze pad placed over each extraction site. These gauze pads are to be held in place for roughly an hour.

It is important that nothing disturbs the blood clot once it has formed to ensure that the healing process remains unhindered. Using straws, smoking, drinking alcohol and tooth brushing should be forgone for the next three days. Also ensure that no strenuous activity occurs within 24 hours of tooth extraction.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for your no obligation consultation. Remember, if your teeth are sensitive for a week or more call our office as this could be the sign of something more serious.

  • The professionals at Julie R. Fagundes, DDS, LLC will advise you of the procedure that best suits your individual needs.
  • Temporary liners, tissue conditioner and relines are additional services that may have separate fees.
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