Tooth Fillings IN MEDFORD, OR

When it comes to restoring teeth and gums to good health, there can be a number of options. These vary depending upon the issue in question, of course, but in general you will have at least a few choices to choose from when it comes time for treatment. Dental fillings have a variety of options available at a variety of price points. From amalgam (silver) fillings to a more natural resin (tooth colored), we are happy to help you find the best option for your specific dental care concerns and needs. Most people find that tooth colored restorations, however, are the best choice.

Why should I go with a tooth colored filling?

Tooth colored restorations are a great option for individuals who need to restore their teeth, but want to retain a natural look. This is especially true when the area that needs to be repaired is a large one. Using a resin material will match your tooth’s natural color. Additionally, tooth colored restorations at Siskiyou Smiles contains a resin that has fluoride, which will work to help actively avoid further sensitivity and decay in your teeth. The resin feels natural and is healthier for your gums than other forms of fillings because it doesn’t have to placed at your gum line.

By choosing a tooth colored resin, not only are you maintaining a beautiful, natural smile, but you are also making the responsible choice for your oral health in selecting a material that contains fluoride and can help avoid further tooth decay.

Can I replace a silver filling with a tooth colored filling?

You might have received a filling at some point in the past that was amalgam and silver in color. Now that greater options are available, you might wonder if you can switch to a tooth colored resin rather than keeping the silver filling. The answer is yes! You can get rid of old, silver fillings and replace them with onlays, also known as tooth colored restorations. This is a two-appointment process in which, on the initial appointment, the restoration is prepared and then you will return for the custom made onlay to be placed on a subsequent visit.

Will onlays look like my natural teeth?

One concern that many patients have when it comes to onlays is the appearance of the final product. All of our onlays are custom made to fit your tooth by taking an impression of your tooth during the first appointment. The shade is custom match, as well, to match your existing natural teeth.

Are you interested in learning about how tooth-colored restorations (onlays) and fillings work, or would you like to replace a silver filling with a tooth colored filling? Contact the office of Julie R. Fagundes, DDS today and let our experienced dental professionals help create the onlay that is perfect for your needs.